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No BULL mentality


We are a business that is focused on providing knowledge, advice and information to clients who are interested in the game of darts. We follow a client first mentality - meaning we are not just looking to sell you product we do not believe in. 

Every one of the products we offer are tried and tested. We believe these products are the best price and quality for the avid dart enthusiast to improve and have fun with the game.

We always give you our honest opinion with constructive, progressive and transparent information.

Our focus

Our mission as a distributor of dart supplies is to eliminate all forms of indecision when it comes to investing in the game of darts. We are focused on providing quality services and information that will improve both your abilities and enjoyment within the sport. 

Why we are here


For too long we, in the Western world, have fallen subject to arbitrary values set by the dart distribution companies on what our dart products cost. 

In our opinion it has constricted the growth and development this game can achieve. 


Our products and services are central around the desire to enjoy playing the games involved in the sport. You can trust in the fact that we truly are genuine people here to make a difference.

For anyone looking to simply have fun - darts may seem like an expensive investment - but not with Prestige Darts! We have the best prices and information a dart company can provide. You can trust we will do everything we can to develop your passion for the game of darts.