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Putting importance on using the correct product

- We are here for YOU -

Here at Prestige Dart Co. our primary focus is providing information, products and advice that will help develop our clients as dart players. 

It is our belief that values such as the ones stated above build the foundation this company is developed on. When did the focus of other supply companies in this industry change from client central to sale central? It almost seems that most suppliers are more focused on providing the largest quantity of materials, while neglecting the qualities that matter: performanceadvice, information and experience

From these continued disappointments from local suppliers, Prestige Darts formed the desire to aid, develop and deliver the correct products and information. We know what dart players are interested in, require and want to see in a dart company because we are dart players. 

"We focus on our clients. Asking questions whenever possible, ensuring we get to know you personally and your goals/ambitions. We don't focus on sales, but focus on providing tried, tested and quality products that if coupled with practice, patience and persistence, will aid in an individuals confidence, development and enjoyment of the game." (Prestige Darts)

Equipment we know through and through.

Every product that is carried in our store is 100% backed with years of trials, tests and use. Price should not be a limiting factor! Being expensive does NOT mean it is good quality.  

Our opinion on frequently asked questions

What STEMS should i use? 

The length, material and colour of a stem may not seem important to some, but the stem is an integral aspect of the game. The stem is a unique way to alter and highlight your individual preferences and style. How the dart flies through the air changes with different materials and lengths. Other factors such as how hard your throw, where the dart is held (balance), where you bring the dart back to, as well as your preference on how the darts enter the board will also alter the stem you use. The longer or shorter the stem, the more or less these variables will be highlighted. 

We suggest that you get a set of SHORT, INTERMEDIATE and MEDIUM stems (3 most common sizes) in the PRO GRIP or DESIGNA model stems (seen below in the first 3 pictures). These stems are the most commonly used stems in the game today. They also offer great durability with use; the nylon stems can take a beating and still perform! If you robin hood your darts (stick the point in the back of the stem) this can cause 1 of the 4 grippers to get broken off. This may not be the most aesthetically pleasing - but they are not broken and still can be used further (do not worry you will not affect your darts flight pattern). Aluminium stems are cool and look great, but if you robin hood them, they will break and bend. Unless you have developed your throw to the point that aluminium stems are your one and only stems - we would suggest using the less expensive and more durable nylon stems. 


What FLIGHTS should i use? 

Flights, just as stems can be used to highlight the traits in a players throw to make the dart fly more favourably to the thrower. How the dart enters the board, how fast it gets to the board as well as how the balance of the dart is influenced can all be affected with the flights (and shafts) that are present on the dart. There are multiple different shapes, materials and colours of flights, however this does not mean all are beneficial for the thrower. There are many, many, many, many flights that are not worth your money. Do not buy flights, shafts, darts or anything for that matter just because you think they look cool! 


Focus on functionality. Ask yourself questions like, why am i buying this? Will this help improve my game? What aspects of this product do I like? When you ask yourself these questions you discover the motive to your desires. It is important you know why you are buying a product. If you come to the conclusion you want to buy this product you can have all the confidence in your purchase and not have the regret that comes with impulse purchases. Oh, before you think we are all about the progression of your form and getting better as a player and yada yada... Look, it is ridiculous to think that everything you buy needs to come from a place of complete awareness, euphoric love and centred around singular utilitarian progress. We know everyone buys products that are not always for the purpose improving your game and we understand completely because we do it all the time. However, we are providing you a product because we want you to progress your game; we do not want you to have any regret in your purchases with us! We are always here to answer questions, give advice and information, collaborate, brainstorm and give you confidence that this product is right for you! What other dart supplier can match this? NONE. 

The majority of the best players in the world use standard shaped flights. If you have not tried this shape of flight or are looking to get into darts, this is the flight to use or at least begin with. We offer several different flights with multiple different colours to choose from, all of which are premium quality flights. Give them a try or shoot us a message if you are still undecided!

What DARTS should i use? 

Terms relating to how the person grips their darts has become increasingly popular in the dart community. Knowing where you grip the dart can aid you in choosing a barrel design that best suits you, as well as alterations for your setup, form and follow through. Although we cannot tell you exactly what your individual preferences are, we can offer you our suggestions depending where you grip your dart. We draw our suggestions from studying the top professionals from the history of the game. 

If you are looking into progressing your game, skill, standard and confidence - we would suggest looking at the following sets to invest in. 


*BEFORE you see our suggestions it is vitally important that you know these are multi-functioning sets and although we suggest a particular dart for a specific grip, this does not mean they cannot be gripped in any other location! 

The best FRONT gripping darts? 

Unicorn Gary Anderson 23 gram

This may be the best all around dart ever made



Check out our opinion in our PRODUCTS section!

Target Rob Cross 21 and 23 gram (*with gold storm point)

Check out our opinion in our PRODUCTS section!


The best Middle gripping darts? 

Unicorn Keegan Brown 22 gram 

Check out our opinion in our PRODUCTS section!

Unicorn Purist Phase 1, 2 and 3 (as used by Phil Taylor) 24 gram 

Check out our opinion in our PRODUCTS section!

The best REAR gripping darts? 

Unicorn John Part 22 gram  

Check out our opinion in our PRODUCTS section!


McKicks Mighty Grip 23 gram 

Check out our opinion in our PRODUCTS section!

The best STEM gripping darts? 

Unicorn Michael Smith 22 gram 

Message us for availability, questions and opinions!

How the pro's do it.

It is our opinion that you cannot learn quality form by trying to mimic any particular player. We do however condone using professionals as a tool to better your own skills. The similarities between professionals' throws, grip, stance and follow through can all be studied to better envision proper form. 

Great videos on grip: 

Paul Nicholson's Darts School - EP2 - The Grip

Great videos on stance: 

Paul Nicholson's Darts School - EP1 -The Stance

Great videos on form, throw/follow through: 

A Portrait In Darts - Phil Taylor

Darts tip. We're talking fundamentals.

Paul Nicholson's Darts School - EP3 - Getting Your Eye In

Peter Snakebite Wright: How To Throw Perfect Darts!

Michael van Gerwen: How To Throw Perfect Darts

Gary Anderson: How to Throw Darts!

Cool videos of professional releases

Darts Release Techniques

Paul Nicholson's Darts School - EP4 -The Release

Arm, elbow and Release - with Rod Harrington

How To Play Darts | 'My Throw' With World Champion Gary Anderson!

How To Play Darts | 'My Throw' With Two-Time World Champion Adrian Lewis!

How To Play Darts | 'My Throw' With Gerwyn Price!

How To Play Darts | "My Throw" with Kim Huybrechts

How To Play Darts | "My Throw" with Ian White

Awesome documentary on darts:

The Darts Mavericks - ITV Documentary