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Welcome to our favourite section of the website!


We here at Prestige have made it our mission to be able to speak confidently and intelligently about every dart related product we carry - as well as every product that is available to the dart enthusiast on the market. 

The pursuit of such a task stemmed from the lack of advice, information and knowledge that was and still is being given by what is now 'our competition'. 

We had enough of the lack of passion, energy and support that has now become the standard to dart supply stores. We are concerned with the customer first; we will always be honest, but we will never pressure you to do anything you don't want to do.

We are committed to changing the image of what a dart supplier can do for their customers. We are here to be your dart supplier and friend.

So please send us any questions you have relevant to the darting world! That includes: dart sets, shafts, flights and any other products that interest you. Yes that is a lot - but we promise we will do our very best to satisfy your every question. 

Please see the pictures below of our products to get started.

We look forward to talking to you soon!

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